Obesity and Lifestyle changes

Obesity and Lifestyle changes Photo Our body is a very efficient engine, hence it takes major time and energy to burn calories than it does to take them in. Hence, it is crucial to both reduce calorie intake and increase exercise when curing obesity. Obesity is a chronic condition and there is no ‘quick fix’ solution or treatment that is effective for all overweight or obese individuals. Furthermore, after following weight loss programs, relapses of weight gain are extremely common. This emphasises the importance of a lifetime commitment to healthy eating and exercise practices. A range of different treatment options are available for obesity. Lifestyle modification (with a reduction of energy intake and an increase in physical activity) is essential in all treatment strategies. There are currently no long-term treatment programs that do not require at least some lifestyle changes. Positive changes in your eating and exercise behaviour are essential for sustained reductions in weight. 
  • Relapse of weight gain
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Lifestyle Treatments
  • Behavioural treatment
  • Dietary approach

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